Shandong Longcheng Fire Fighting Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1964. It has produced various fire extinguishers since 1985. It is a professional manufacturer of fire fighting equipment designated by the Ministry of Public Security. It is a social welfare enterprise audited by the Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province. It is also an earlier production of fire extinguishers in Shandong Province. One of the manufacturers. It was restructured into a private enterprise in 2008, and was successfully listed on the New Third Board (stock code: 872477) in 2017, and achieved sales of RMB 190 million that year. In 2018, the company acquired new factories, upgraded the industrial chain, and exceeded 290 million yuan in performance, continuously hitting record highs. Transformation in 2019, the company built the first intelligent fire extinguisher production line in China, fully entering a new era of intelligent manufacturing. In 2020, the company became the fourth batch of single champion enterprises included in the manufacturing industry (dry powder fire extinguishers) in Shandong Province. Now it has become the largest fire-fighting equipment manufacturer in Shandong Province and ranks in the forefront of the national industry.


The company mainly produces various types of fire extinguishers (including various specifications of ordinary dry powder and ultra-fine dry powder suspended fire extinguishers, various carbon dioxide fire extinguishers), fire hoses, indoor fire hydrants, water guns and interfaces, fire reels, fire hydrants, fire doors, Series of products such as smoke alarms, and is committed to building a smart fire data platform. With a good market reputation, "XinXin" (registered trademark) products are widely used in important institutions and enterprises in major cities in China.


The company has advanced equipment, strong technical force, complete testing facilities, excellent quality brand, sound marketing network, and good market reputation. It has successively obtained "China National Compulsory Product Certification Certificate", "ISO9001 Quality System Certificate", and "IS014000 Environmental Management "System Certification Certificate", "IS018000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Certificate", "French International Inspection Agency BV Certification Certificate", "Shandong Famous Trademark", "China Well-known Trademark" and other authoritative certification titles.

In the future, the company will implement a diversified development strategy, make full use of the advantages of listing on the New Third Board, make full use of the capital market, integrate the fire protection industry chain, strengthen brand building, create the "XinXin" trademark with quality and innovation, increase market influence, and continue to expand the international market , Build a one-stop firefighting platform, build an aircraft carrier for the firefighting industry, and strive to achieve a sales scale of over 1.5 billion and a profit and tax of over 80 million within 3-5 years, and finally achieve the goal of A-share listing.


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